To help promote the use of biofortified ingredients, HarvestPlus has engaged celebrated chefs to create delicious recipes using them. This includes recipes created by MasterChef finalists Chef Anamika Sony and Pujeet Mehta, both from India. 

We also worked with local communities to re-create popular local dishes with biofortified foods. Some of these favourites include a delicious crunchy snack in Nigeria called combobite, and a family favorite from Bangladesh called Payesh that is usually cooked for special occasions and birthdays. 

Women and children are also more likely to suffer from the effects of hidden hunger. That’s why these recipes are a favourite with parents worldwide who have seen first hand how biofortified foods have improved the health of their children.


Casstard is a bright-colored yellow porridge, obtained from modified vitamin A cassava starch. It is similar to custard produced using maize.

African Salad

African salad is a full-style vitamin A Abacha. It is a simple abacha prepared as a full meal by including assorted vegetables, fish, leaves, and various seasonings.

vitamin a combobite

Vitamin A Combobite

Combobite is a crunchy snack made from a combination of vitamin A cassava flour and cowpea.

orange sweet potato puree

Iron Bean and Vitamin A Sweet Potato Puree

This recipe is popular in Malawi and enjoyed across the region, and has been adopted from the CIAT recipe booklets developed by the late Rodah Zulu.

iron pearl millet burrito

Iron Pearl Millet Burrito

This specially crafted recipe is courtesy of Puneet Mehta, a renowned chef and a finalist on Season 2 of MasterChef India. 

Pearl Millet quiche

Broccoli & Ricotta Iron Pearl Millet Quiche

This recipe is packed with nutrition that Dr. Chef Saurabh Sharma has perfected over years of practice.

Bean stew recipe

Biofortified Iron Bean Stew

This easy and hearty stew recipe is from Zimbabwe.

Zinc wheat pratha

Pakistani Vegetable Zinc Wheat Pratha

The vegetable pratha is a popular breakfast food for Pakistanis. The nutritious pratha is often consumed as a lunch meal by school children particularly in rural areas.

zinc rice pudding

Zinc Rice Payesh (rice pudding)

Payesh is a bengali dessert prepared for special occasions like birthdays and other celebrations at home. It is also often served to guests after lunch or dinner.