This recipe is popular in Malawi and enjoyed across the region, and has been adopted from the CIAT recipe booklets developed by the late Rodah Zulu.

2 cups (400 g)     soaked dehusked iron beans 
2 medium             vitamin A orange sweet potatoes 
4 Tablespoons     cooking oil 
1/4 cup                 walnuts
Salt to taste 

1. Boil 2 cups of dehusked beans till soft 
2. Pass cooked beans through a sieve using a wooden spoon, collect puree in a bowl, and put aside 
3. Add salt and cooking oil to taste and boil potatoes until soft and mash to a smooth consistency 
4. Add 1 cup mashed potatoes to 2 cups bean puree and mix thoroughly to form a smooth consistency
5. Top with toasted walnuts 
6. Serve warm