Commercialisation of Biofortified Crops Programme

HarvestPlus and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition are partners in the CBC Programme, which is catalyzing commercial markets for biofortified seeds, grains, and food products in six countries with pervasive levels of malnutrition: Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania.

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DRC Multisectoral Nutrition and Health Project

HarvestPlus is the DRC Government’s technical assistance partner for biofortification in the PMNS. We help strengthen the capacities of ministries, public agencies, private sector actors, and NGO partners to develop sustainable supply chains for biofortified crop planting material; distribution channels and technical support for farmers; vibrant post-harvest markets for farmer’s harvests; and, supportive policies and regulations.   

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Bihar Odisha Nutrition Initiative

HarvestPlus is strengthening and leveraging the capacities in these two Indian states to establish a sustainable system of production and consumption of biofortified crops. This is achieved through a network of public-private partnerships, extensive research with partners, and establishing evidence and credibility for biofortified food products.

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An Integrated Food Systems Approach to Build Nutrition Security

HarvestPlus is implementing a rapid-response project in Africa and Asia with support from the Government of Canada. The 18-month project responds to the urgent need to provide nutrition and livelihood relief to vulnerable households in low- and middle- income countries suffering from poor food and nutrition conditions heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Assessing Food-Based Approaches to Increase Calcium Intakes

With funding from CIFF, HarvestPlus conducted research in 2021 on food-based approaches to increase calcium intake, and joined the global Calcium Task Force of the New York Academy of Sciences to guide a global research agenda.

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Nutritious School Meals in Malawi

The primary focus of this project is to supply 300 school children in each of 20 schools by 2023 with healthy school meals including biofortified foods grown in school gardens and by local farming families, or through procurement from local SMEs and aggregators. Funder: the Waterloo Foundation.

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The ENRICH Program

The five-year, multi-country ENRICH program ran from 2016-2021 and focused on reducing maternal and child mortality through directly addressing malnutrition in the first 1,000 days of life (conception to 24 months). World Vision Canada (WVC), Nutrition International (NI), and the Canadian Society for International Health were the implementing partners for the project in Kenya, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. HarvestPlus was the technical partner for biofortification in all countries except Myanmar. The University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health is an independent evaluator of the program.

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