Tools for use by biofortification stakeholders, including implementers, funders, policy decisionmakers, researchers, and businesses.

Case Studies for Implementation

Case study examples from our programs in action at the country level.

Biofortified Crops in the Value Chain

Information for consumers and food businesses about the benefits of biofortified crops, and how to integrate them into production and marketing.

Tools for Commercialization

Standards and labelling tools to take biofortified foods to commercial markets.

Biofortified Crops Map and Table

A quick guide to which crops are available in which countries

Biofortification Priority Index Website

An interactive tool to help idenftify where investments in biofortifying a given crop can have the most impact

Biofortification Research Evidence Brief

A crop-by-crop summary of key research findings

Varieties Released Database Website

An interactive tool to retrieve technical information on all varieties of biofortified crops released to date

Biofortification in National Policies

A linked list to key policies and regulations related to biofortification which national governments have adopted

Biofortified Crop Cycle Calendar

Dates for crop planting, harvesting, etc.

CS Dietary Research Software

Designed by HarvestPlus and SerPro, and available from Intake, this software package is used by nutrition researchers to enter, manage, and process data from quantitative 24-hour dietary recall surveys.

Biofortification and Climate Change

A two-page summary of how biofortified crops contribute to adaptation to climate change and can offset nutrient losses in plants.

Estimated Average Requirements Provided by Biofortification

HarvestPlus sets micronutrient target levels for biofortified crops by accounting for the physiological requirement of the micronutrient, the per capita consumption of each crop.