Combobite is a crunchy snack made from a combination of vitamin A cassava flour and cowpea in the ratio of 5:1. You can make it into two main shapes – flakes or strips depending on the blade of the extruder used to dispense the paste for frying as well as the shape your buyers/consumers prefer. This snack can increase intake of protein and iron because 100g of it has about 6g protein and 11mg iron to the body when consumed.

High-Quality VAC flour        
Brown beans                              
Enough vegetable oil to fill ¾ of the fryer
Note: You will need 5 measures of vitamin A cassava flour for every measure of dry beans used.

1.    De-haul beans, add onions, and grind into a smooth paste. (You can add peppers at this point if you desire)
2.    Sieve Vitamin A cassava flour
3.    Mix bean paste and water to get a slurry
4.    Add salt and mix in the vitamin A cassava flour to get a firm paste
5.    Fill extruder with the paste. Select the extruder blade that you desire
6.    Heat oil in a frying pot. Extrude paste into it and fry to a light golden color
7.    Scoop from oil, strain, and cool
8.    Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all the paste is fried
9.    Serve as a snack or package and store for future use or market

• Use tasty brown beans for great taste
• Fry in oil that is neither too hot nor too cool to get a crispy combo
• Stir gently while frying to maintain shape and reduce crumbs
• Ensure complete cooling. The golden color deepens as the snack cools