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Iron Beans, Rwanda

Rwandan Biofortified Bean Farmers Prosper From Greater Yields and Income

May 10, 2024

Group of students

Children, India

HarvestPlus’ HaNSA Program is Revolutionizing Nutrition Among School Children

April 29, 2024

Children, India

HarvestPlus and Symbiosis International University Partner to Transform School Feeding in India

April 25, 2024

HarvestPlus Solutions to Pilot CGIAR’s Novel Agricultural Innovation Scaling Methodologies

April 22, 2024

Bangladesh, Nigeria

HarvestPlus Launches Biofortification Project to Combat Hidden Hunger in Bangladesh and Uganda

April 22, 2024

Nigeria, Zinc Rice, Zinc Rice

Nigeria Pioneers Zinc Biofortified Rice in Africa

April 22, 2024

Harnessing the Power of Biofortification in Improving Nutrition

April 22, 2024


Launching a Strategic Partnership to Drive Food System Transformation

April 2, 2024

India, Zinc Wheat, Zinc Wheat

A Journey from a Struggling Farmer to Biofortification Champion

March 20, 2024

Children, Climate, Zinc Maize, Zinc Rice, Zinc Wheat

Preventing and Controlling Zinc Deficiency Across the Life Course: A Call to Action

March 19, 2024