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This segment is part of a video A new episode of the BBC’s “Follow the Food” series, titled “Food as Medicine,” sheds light on biofortification as an innovative technology to combat micronutrient deficiencies.s.

Let Seed Be Thy Medicine
How Iron Beans Gained Ground in Rwanda
Healthier Mothers and Children in India: The Role of Nutritious Biofortified Meals
Iron Works: The Benefits of Iron-Biofortified Crops
Genebanks: Leveraging Diversity for Better Nutrition
Vitamin A Maize in Zimbabwe

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Private Sector Partnerships in South Asia

Filling the Food Basket with More than One Biofortified Crops

Women-Led Biofortified Food Businesses: Advancing Nutrition and Health

Family in Bangladesh

Partnering for Impact: World Vision and HarvestPlus Improve Lives in Vulnerable Communities

Improving Lives with Nutritious Crops and Foods: Voices of Beneficiaries


From the Iron Works campaign, this multi-section infographic describes the global challenge posed by iron deficiency, and how iron-biofortified beans and pearl millet can help improve health and nutrition across generations.

Working with partners in Rwanda, in just a few years, iron beans reached 20 percent of all beans produced in this country. Beans are the primary staple.

How are sustainable value chains for biofortified seed and food developed. Through multisectoral, multi-partner approaches, as seen in the example of Uganda.