The Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) and HarvestPlus have embarked on an exciting collaboration aimed at increasing the adoption of nutrition and climate-smart agricultural technologies across the Asia-Pacific region. This partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing food and nutrition security, promoting sustainable agriculture, and building resilience in the face of emerging challenges. By collaborating, both organizations aim to accelerate the development, dissemination, and uptake of nutritionally enriched crops to benefit millions of people in the region.

“APAARI and HarvestPlus have signed a Partnership Statement to collaborate on agri-food systems transformation with special reference to enhancing the role of biofortification in crops for achieving nutrition security in the Asia-Pacific region.” – Dr Ravi Khetarpal, Executive Secretary of APAARI.

“Across the Asia-Pacific region, there is an opportunity to accelerate nutrition security by integrating nutrient-enriched staple food crops into food systems. We are delighted to work together with APAARI to enhance agricultural research across the region and improve equitable access to nutritious crops for smallholder farmers.” – Arun Baral, CEO, HarvestPlus.

This collaborative effort between APAARI and HarvestPlus holds great promise in advancing agricultural technologies and practices, improving nutrition, and building more resilient and sustainable food systems for the Asia-Pacific region. As they work hand in hand, both organizations are dedicated to making a lasting impact and positively transforming the lives of millions.


APAARI is a membership-based, apolitical, multi-stakeholder, and intergovernmental regional organization that aims to catalyze collective action to improve agri-food systems in the Asia-Pacific region. It brings together regional, national and global stakeholders to bridge gaps and strengthen agri-food research and innovation systems towards more sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.

About HarvestPlus:

HarvestPlus improves nutrition and public health by developing and promoting biofortified food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals and providing global leadership on biofortification evidence and technology. HarvestPlus works across CGIAR as part of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). For more information, visit