HarvestPlus and its partners fight hidden hunger worldwide by scaling staple food crops that are bred to be rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

These biofortified, climate-smart crops sustainably improve the health, resilience, and livelihoods of smallholder farming households and low-income consumers, helping to make food systems more nutritious and inclusive.

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In DRC, Training Government Staff Paves Way for Scaling of Biofortified Crops

August 16, 2022

HarvestPlus CEO Arun Baral Addresses India Conference on Nutrition Security

August 15, 2022

Conference attendees
Biofortified Foods Highlighted at India Conference on Food Ingredients

July 25, 2022

BSI Podcast Highlights HarvestPlus’ Role in Creating Standards for Biofortified Grains

July 22, 2022

Women at agriculture workshop in Nigeria
Improving Rural Nutrition Security with Nigeria’s Women in Agriculture Program

July 18, 2022

Indian girls in school
Study Shows Eating Iron-Biofortified Pearl Millet Benefits Brain As Well As Body

July 15, 2022

Biofortified Crops Around the World

Explore the Global Reach map to see where hundreds of CGIAR/HarvestPlus biofortified varieties are released or in testing.

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The Biofortification Hub

A one-stop shop for tools, resources, and information to support action and innovation by implementers, policymakers, donors, and researchers.

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Commercialisation of Biofortified Crops Programme

HarvestPlus co-leads the CBC Programme, which is catalyzing commercial markets for biofortified seeds, grains, and food products in six countries with pervasive levels of malnutrition: Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania.

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