HarvestPlus and the Government of Zambia are stepping up the promotion of vitamin A “orange” maize (corn), with schoolchildren a key target group. On November 26, a campaign to get schools and students to grow and consume the biofortified maize will be launched officially. Along with messaging on hidden hunger and the benefits of vitamin A, the campaign includes a competition that will reward the schools producing the largest harvest of orange maize.

The Add Color to Your Health campaign is organized in partnership with the Zambian Ministry of Education. It will initially involve four schools in the Kafue region, and run for three months or as long as the growing season lasts. The winning school will get a vitamin A-themed play area built on its grounds, and participating students in all competing schools will receive backpacks and stationery.

Eliab Simpungwe oversees the operations of HarvestPlus in Zambia. In the video below, he explains the motivation and logic behind the school campaign.