Sadza, in the Shona language, is a cooked maize meal that is a staple food in Zimbabwe. Eaten at least once a day, sadza re masikai (sadza in the afternoon) literally means lunch and sadza re manheru (sadza in the evening) means dinner—that is how strongly Zimbabweans associate sadza with their daily sustenance.

One year ago, through the generous funding provided by UKAid, sadza became even more important to over 125,000 Zimbabweans growing and consuming enriched Vitamin A maize meal, along with iron and zinc enriched beans. Biofortified maize and beans, grown with micronutrient enriched seeds through conventional breeding, add vitamin A, iron and zinc to the staple food crops consumed by Zimbabwe’s large rural population.

HarvestPlus has partnered with UKAid, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Government of Zimbabwe to bring biofortified crops to Zimbabwe. We are pleased to present this video showcasing farmers, seed suppliers and government representatives talk about the benefits of vitamin A orange maize—improving both farmers’ nutrition and bank accounts.

Harvest Plus-Harvest Day2 from Mawungwa on Vimeo.