Women are driving the adoption and consumption of biofortified nutritious crops around the world. From smallholder farms to the household dinner table, women have been key to the growing reach and impact of these crops. In the spirit of International Women’s Day (March 8), we are celebrating the industry, creativity, and commitment of these women in our target countries globally.

Today we pay tribute to female icons from the African entertainment industry, who are using their star power and appeal for positive change in their communities.

In Rwanda, popular R&B star Miss Jojo has been spreading the message of good nutrition. She joined other local music artistes in a campaign to get more Rwandans to grow and eat beans that are rich in iron. Through their hit song and music video, and a series of roadshows across the country, Miss Jojo and her co-stars have reached tens of thousands of Rwandans with their powerful message. “We would like to see the end of maternal deaths due to anemia since high-iron beans now exist,” she says. So, we are spreading the message that the beans are here for development and good health in Rwanda.” Watch Miss Jojo and co-stars perform their hit song Ibishyimbo or download the mp3 for free.

In Nigeria, an icon of the continent’s most prolific and popular movie industry, Nollywood, is using her craft to highlight vitamin A deficiency and the benefits of vitamin A yellow cassava. Monalisa Chinda, one of Nollywood’s biggest and most recognizable stars, takes the lead in a movie that weaves an entertaining plot around yellow cassava. “I found the project very engaging and informative as I was able to understand the several benefits arising from vitamin A cassava in children,” she reveals. Watch the Yellow Cassava movie trailer below.