You may not see hidden hunger, but it can have devastating consequences. Our new animated video explains our innovative solution.

What’s hidden by the presence of food is the lack of essential nutrients like vitamin A, iron and zinc. Without them, even if bellies are full, people are vulnerable to serious illness and disease. Women and children are particularly at risk.

“Biofortification: It All Starts with a Seed,” was developed with M2 Inspired, a multimedia agency which works with organizations like the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and the National Science Foundation.

In the 1990s, economist Howdy Bouis had an idea: making staple foods more nutritious by breeding essential micronutrients into them. The process has since improved the diets of over 30 million people. Crops are available or are being tested in over 60 countries. Biofortification begins with careful plant breeding to ensure a positive impact on health, followed by marketing and research to ensure the crop is acceptable to farmers and consumers. HarvestPlus’ innovative solution is gathering momentum, recently earning us a $15 million prize as a finalist in the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change competition.

“We hope this video helps simplify the complex process HarvestPlus undertakes to breed more nutritious staple foods, and deliver these potentially life-saving crops to the communities who need them most,” says Anna-Marie Ball, Director of External Affairs for HarvestPlus.