HarvestPlus Malawi commenced operations in 2016 with the aim of promoting the production, dissemination, and consumption of improved, climate smart, and nutritious biofortified staple crop varieties. HarvestPlus has helped developed strategic agricultural value chains to ensure a sustainable and profitable supply of biofortified foods to smallholder farming households and non-farm consumers. This transformative agricultural intervention aligns various market actors to sustainably and profitably produce more nutritious foods.


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Biofortified Crops in Malawi*

Iron Bean

Year of First Release:
Number of Varieties Released
to Date: 3

Vitamin A Orange Sweet Potato

Year of First Release:
Number of Varieties Released
to Date: 6
Vitamin A Maize

Vitamin A Maize

Year of First Release:
Number of Varieties Released
to Date: 10

*Includes varieties shown to meet HarvestPlus standards. Other varieties may be available in the country.

Varieties Released Database

This searchable database provides information on all biofortified crops variety releases by country.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Crop Development
  2. Seed Multiplication
  3. Seed and Grain Distribution
  4. Consumer Engagement
  5. Market Development
  6. Policy Engagement

Crop Development

HarvestPlus supports the Department of Agriculture Research Service (DARS) to breed, test, and release hybrid varieties of vitamin A maize developed through our partnership with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT). 

Seed Multiplication

The registered varieties of biofortified crops are licensed to private seed companies, some on exclusive basis, to produce seed for sale to farmers.

Seed and Grain Distribution

Seed is distributed through the agro-dealer networks, on retail cash sales and for uptake by smallholder farmers through the Affordable Input Program (AIP) sponsored by the Government, through Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. HarvestPlus supports commercial seed and grain sales, identify and link buyers and processors to grain suppliers.

Consumer Engagement

HarvestPlus creates awareness of vitamin A maize through consumer education, advertising, and the media. It also promotes consumption of vitamin A maize through utilisation campaigns which include cooking demonstrations.

Market Development

Through advocacy conducted with national partners, HarvestPlus strengthens national ownership of biofortification through effective integration into national nutrition and agricultural policies.

Policy Engagement

Apart from Vitamin A maize, which is the core value chain crop supported by HarvestPlus, orange sweet potato, iron beans and vitamin A cassava are also being promoted in Malawi through other international research institutions like CIP, CIAT and IITA. HarvestPlus moderately supports some delivery processes in these other crops value chains.

Featured Project

Nutritious School Meals in Malawi

The primary focus of this project, officially titled Biofortified Crops to Improve the Nutritional Content of School Meals in Malawi, is to supply 300 school children in each of 20 schools by 2023 with the nutrients they need by expanding access to biofortified crops and foods for healthy school meals, through school gardens and production by local farming families, or through procurement from local SMEs and aggregators. The project is funded by the Waterloo Foundation.

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Biofortification news in Malawi

Malawi President Endorses biofortification at the launch of Scaling Up Nutrition 3.0

On Thursday, the 2nd of September, 2021 Malawi launched the Scaling Up Nutrition 3.0 (SUN 3.0) movement under the theme, ‘Together we can end all forms of malnutrition for sustainable wellbeing and economic development’.  In his speech, the President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr Lazarus Chakwera said, “we need to have courage to have a […]

Rapid-Response Biofortified Food Project Delivers Urgent Support to Malawi Women and Girls

HarvestPlus is implementing a rapid-response biofortification project in six countries across Africa and Asia to help address the immediate malnutrition threats from the COVID-19 pandemic. In Malawi, the project’s beneficiaries include two particularly high-risk groups: women with HIV/AIDS, and pregnant teens.  These two humanitarian interventions in Malawi, taking place in April and May 2021, are expected to meet […]

World Bank Notes HarvestPlus Malawi’s Role in Wins For Southern Africa Project

In a summary of results from the World Bank-funded Agriculture Productivity Project for Southern Africa (APPSA), the Bank highlights the importance of strategic collaborations—including with HarvestPlus in Malawi—to scaling up effective solutions for African farmers.  The APPSA aimed at increasing the availability of improved agricultural technologies and seeds for farmers across the Southern Africa region—particularly […]

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