What We Do

Harvest Plus improves nutrition and public health by developing and promoting biofortified food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals needed for good health and providing global leadership on biofortification evidence and technology.

We identify varieties of crops that are naturally higher in micronutrients and use conventional crop breeding methods to cross them with other varieties that are high-yielding and climate smart. When varieties are sent to a country’s National Agricultural Research System for testing, we conduct farmer feedback and consumer acceptance studies focusing on taste, smell, cooking time and texture.

Released varieties are disseminated using government systems and partners. We put this solution in the hands of the farmers, to improve their nutrition and economic outcomes without having to fundamentally change their consumption patterns or budget.

Peer-reviewed clinical trials have demonstrated that biofortified foods have a positive impact in health and nutritional status, including:

  • Significant reduction in the prevalence of diarrhea among children under three
  • Complete reversal of iron deficiency in children and women
  • Improved cognitive and physical performance in women and children
  • Improved night vision in children

To date, more than 290 varieties of 12 staple food crops have been released or are being tested in a total of 60 countries. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of hundreds of partners, more than 33 million people are now growing and eating these healthier foods.

The end result: healthier children who are better able to survive, to learn, and to lead productive lives—improving the well-being and productivity of their families, communities and countries.

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