HarvestPlus and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition are partners in the Commercialisation of Biofortified Crops (CBC) Programme, which is catalyzing commercial markets for biofortified seeds, grains, and food products in six countries with pervasive levels of malnutrition: Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania. 

By developing commercial markets for biofortified crops that are primarily grown by smallholder farming families, the CBC Programme will help create a sustainable basis for improving diet quality and tackling hidden hunger among both farmers and consumers.

By 2022, the Programme aims to reach 190.6 million people with biofortified foods and food products, and 571.8 million people by 2028. The Programme is funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Government of the Netherlands. 

A value chain approach 

The CBC Programme works with country partners on a value chain approach to creating sustainable commercial pathways for biofortification. Existing value chains for comparable non-biofortified staple crops and foods are leveraged, and any gaps or barriers to producing or trading biofortified versions are identified and addressed.

Food Labeling & Marketing

Vitamin A Maize and Vitamin A Cassava in Nigeria

The Commercialisation of Biofortified Crops Programme produced this guide to facilitate trade in vitamin A cassava and maize products in Nigeria, by helping food producers and sellers to accurately label and promote them.

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The full value chain for biofortification. The CBC Programme is active in steps 3 through 8. 

News about the CBC Programme

Scaling Up Nutrient Dense Foods in Tanzanian Schools and Communities

School feeding programmes provide an avenue to accelerate the consumption of biofortified crops. the CBC Programme has worked along the value chain to link schools with suppliers of biofortified crops, and raise awareness and interest among school administrators.

Standards for Iron-enriched grains

Under the CBC Programme, HarvestPlus worked with the British Standards Institution to develop international standards for biofortified grains.

CBC Programme Launches in Nigeria

The programme will facilitate a commercial delivery system for biofortified crops such as vitamin A cassava and vitamin A maize.