Biofortification targets rural families in developing countries relying on inexpensive but not very nourishing staple foods like rice or maize. The biofortification process allows rural families to grow and consume varieties of these crops that are rich in vitamin A, iron, or zinc—three of the micronutrients identified by the World Health Organization as most critical for health.

HarvestPlus developed the Biofortification Priority Index in 2013 to ensure our crop biofortification efforts were as targeted and impactful as possible. This tool is also used by other biofortification stakeholders to guide their strategic decisions.

Learn more about the Biofortification Priority Index and explore a new interactive website that makes the tool more versatile and accessible for users. We also share examples of how the index is being used by development practitioners.

Where Can Crop Biofortification be Most Impactful?
Presenters: Dorene Asare-Marfo, Head of Knowledge Management and Ekin Birol, Director of Impact and Strategy, HarvestPlus