Executive Secretary, CLISS

Dr. Djimé Adoum has been Executive Secretary of the Permanent Inter-States Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CLISS) since 2013. Prior to this, Dr. Adoum worked with USAID’s mission in Chad, the World Bank, and USDA, and served as Chad’s Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation. Throughout his career, Dr. Adoum has focused on improving irrigation strategies and famine early warning systems, addressed food self-sufficiency through new technologies, and strengthened research and extension services in the Sahel. Dr. Adoum has more than 30 years of experience in agricultural institution development, monitoring and evaluation, agricultural extension, agro-forestry, market linkages, and introducing new crops and technologies for crop production and management. Dr. Adoum earned his PhD in Agricultural Extension and Education from the University of Maryland. He also received an MSc and BSc in Agronomy from the University of Maryland.

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