HarvestPlus has released a set of briefs on progress to date in biofortification. These briefs present: the status of crop development; evidence on nutrition, consumer acceptance, and cost-effectiveness; and, crop delivery experiences.

Readers interested in learning more about these topics can follow the references to journal articles and working papers that underpin many of the briefs.

“Anybody who is interested in biofortification will appreciate how useful and timely the progress briefs are,” says HarvestPlus Director Howarth Bouis. “Whether you are a researcher or a practitioner, these briefs will bring you up to speed on evidence, accomplishments and challenges associated with biofortification.”

Originally developed for the Second Global Conference on Biofortification, which took place earlier this year in Kigali, Rwanda, the briefs have now been updated and should be of interest to a variety of audiences. Click here to access the progress briefs.