HarvestPlus welcomes Marcela Navarro, a proud Colombian, to CIAT, the home of biofortification, to share her experiences in “purpose-led transformation”—the engine that drives organizational innovation and performance.  In order to reach our ambitious goal of reaching a billion people with biofortified foods by 2030, HarvestPlus is seeking the advice and council of the world’s big thinkers in innovative approaches to strengthen sustainable global value chains.
Ms. Navarro has answered our call for global thinkers.  A former banker, she specializes in value chain, risk and liquidity. She is the woman behind the Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Gateway, a successful business model that unlocks innovation, markets and finance.

Just one example of Ms. Navarro’s cutting approach to create profit and social good at the same time is her work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). She and her business partner, Kate Wolfenden, are helping save our planet by designing an industry acceleration model to maximize WWF’s assets and experiences.

We are proud to share Ms. Navarro’s inspiring message to HarvestPlus and our partners in the short video below.