The second annual Nutritious Food Fair opened today at the Calabar International Conference Center in the Nigerian state of Cross-River. The three-day event organized by HarvestPlus is showcasing biofortified crops and derivative products as well as associated local processing technologies.

Nigerian farmers and consumers currently have access to two biofortified crops—vitamin A “yellow” cassava and vitamin A “orange” maize. These conventionally bred crops improve the nutritional status of consumers and provide farmers with competitive yields.

Among the highlights at the Nutritious Food Fair are awards to the best farmers, processors, marketers and advocates of the biofortified cassava and maize. Fairgoers also have the chance to watch special screenings of award-winning movie Yellow Cassava, which features some of Nigeria’s top movie stars in a riveting plot centered on biofortified cassava.

The fair’s theme is “multisectoral partnerships to promote more nutritious crops and foods.” The event is free to the public.

EVENT: Nutritious Food Fair 

DATE: November 9-12, 2016

VENUE: International Conference Center, Calabar (Nigeria)