The CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) is pleased to announce the publication of its 2016 Annual Report, detailing the accomplishments and developments of the fifth and final year of the program’s first phase.

The report highlights research and results from 2016, including:

While the activities and accomplishments of each research flagship are laid out, readers will also find a spotlight on A4NH projects and programs in Africa, as well as an update on work related to gender.

As A4NH Director John McDermott notes in the report's opening remarks, “2016 was a transition year, bringing together results from Phase I…and gaining approval for the proposal of a new six-year phase.” With Phase I drawing to a close in 2016, the report offers a retrospective, showcasing the program’s timeline and evolution from its inception in 2012 to the present, in addition to highlighting achievements from 2016. It also offers a look ahead to Phase II, with an overview of how the program will be structured, information on key partners and how the research portfolio will be managed, and insight into how the strategy will shift from a regional to a country-specific emphasis.

To learn more about A4NH’s accomplishments in 2016 and the program’s plans for the future, download the report or contact A4NH Communications Specialist Janet Hodur to request a hard copy.