The past few years have revealed the fragility of food systems. They have also shown us the resiliency of people.  

Commitments by national governments and an endorsement by the African Union to scale up biofortification signal that food systems are being transformed to be more nutritious, affordable, and accessible to all.  

Local and international support for solutions that improve food and nutrition security and protect livelihoods is accelerating change.  

In response to the global crises, HarvestPlus and our partners ensured over 70 million vulnerable farming households benefited from biofortification in 2022. Nutrient-enriched biofortified seeds and crops were delivered to those who needed it most and created livelihood opportunities for communities who mostly depend on farming.  

We put women first, to empower them as agents of change, and prioritized children, to safeguard their futures. 

We are looking into 2023 with optimism, as we aim to mainstream biofortification so more and more people can live the lives they deserve—free of hidden hunger.