Dr. Boy joined HarvestPlus in 2008. Previously he spent nine years at Nutrition International, where he developed and managed the iron and zinc research portfolios, established a consultative group of nutrition experts, promoted the adoption of micronutrient powders and introduced zinc supplements in Latin America. During the previous 10 years he worked at the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama, providing technical assistance in maternal nutrition and iodine deficiency control to the health ministries of member countries. In his current role, Dr. Boy leads the nutrition unit, which commissions crop related research studies comprising biomarkers development, food consumption and composition, deficiency prevalence, nutrient retention, micronutrient bioavailability, and the efficacy of biofortified crops. He manages relations with nutrition research collaborators, the World Health Organization and the Micronutrient Forum, and other programs that specialize in micronutrient nutrition. He is a member of FPRI’s Institutional Review Board, the editorial board of the Food and Nutrition Bulletin, and the steering committee of the BRINDA working group. Dr. Boy obtained his medical degree from the San Carlos University in Guatemala and his PhD in nutrition from the University of California at Davis.