HarvestPlus is pleased to announce the availability of the CSDietary software on the Intake websiteIntake are leaders in use of dietary data for developing evidence-based policies and programs to address global challenges in nutrition.

To help gather data on diets, CSDietary was developed by HarvestPlus and SerPro SA. Now managed by Intake, the program supports nutrition researchers around the world to enter, manage, and process data from 24-hour dietary recall surveys.

The CSDietary program is fully customizable to tailor food composition tables and recipes to region-specific foods, measurement methods, and cooking techniques. The program features an expanded food composition table, options to generate outputs for different statistical packages, and a data sharing platform on the cloud. The program is accompanied by quick guides on how to install and operate the program.

It is already being used by researchers across the globe for studies in countries including Cambodia, India, and Zambia.

You can access the software and user guides here on Intake‚Äôs website. For technical assistance requests related to the use of CSDietary, contact Intake at [email protected].