Biofortification was recently highlighted in a report from Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions, a division of the Citi financial group that analyzes key global trends and challenges through an economic and business lens. This report focuses on Feeding the Future—and how innovation and shifting consumer preferences can help feed a growing planet.

The report identifies solutions that would allow the global food industry to use innovation and technology to produce more nutritious food for an ever-growing population in more sustainable ways. It recognizes biofortification (see pages 68–69 in particular) as an important nutrition innovation that is particularly relevant to the billions of people in the world whose diets primarily consist of “energy-dense but nutrient-poor grains or roots and tubers.”

HarvestPlus is honored to be mentioned in the report as a leader in the global effort to develop and scale up micronutrient-rich staple crops using conventional plant breeding techniques.

Read the report.