This Could Be One of the Largest Nutrition Interventions - HarvestPlus Founder
April 26, 2017

HarvestPlus founder and ambassador-at-large Howarth "Howdy" Bouis visited the MacArthur Foundation yesterday to talk about HarvestPlus' goals, and the promise of the 100&Change competition. Howdy, a 2016 World Food Prize laureate, drove the development and success of biofortified nutritious crops through HarvestPlus.

HarvestPlus is among eight semi-finalists selected to compete for the $100 million grand prize promised by the 100&Change competition. If successful, HarvestPlus proposes to use the grant to significantly expand the delivery of more nutritious staple food crops in Africa as a strategy to combat malnutrition. 

The MacArthur Foundation will announce the winner in December 2017. Watch Howdy's message in the short video below.



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