Dr. Bouis at the Vatican

From November 25 to 29, HarvestPlus founder, Ambassador-at-Large and World Food Prize Laureate Howarth Bouis joined other notable scientists and scholars at a biennial event organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome, Italy. Bouis was invited to participate in a panel for one of the event’s special sessions convened to deliberate on The Role of Biotechnology and Agriculture.  

This food- and nutrition-focused panel was organized by Joachim von Braun, a former Director-General of the International Food Policy Research Institute, and Ingo Potrykus, a co-inventor of Golden Rice. Both are members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 

Bouis’ presentation encompassed the progress made by HarvestPlus and biofortification to date, and the potential for even greater impact beyond the conventional breeding approach.

Notable speakers during the other panels were Stephen Hawking on Cosmology and Steven Chu (Nobel prize winner in Physics) on Energy. 

Those participating in the meeting also attended a one-hour audience with Pope Francis at the Hall of the Consistory in the Apostolic Palace. 

See some of the sights from Bouis' Vatican trip in the slideshow below.

*Photo Credit: Cristina Sison

About the Pontifical Academy of Sciences

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences was founded in Rome in 1603 as the first exclusively scientific academy in the world. Its mission is to honor pure science wherever it may be found, ensure its freedom and encourage research for the progress of science. The Academy is governed by a President with the assistance of the Council. Its 80 Pontifical Academicians are appointed for life by the Pope following proposals by the Academic body, and chosen from the most eminent scientists and scholars of the mathematical and experimental sciences globally. They participate in study groups and meetings organized by the Academy to examine specific issues, and their deliberations and scientific papers are published by the Academy or jointly with other publishers.

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