HarvestPlus and its collaborators are generating a substantial body of work in both basic and applied research. Access the extensive library of books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and other research publications from HarvestPlus partners and others.

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HarvestPlus also publishes brochures, abstracts, technical monographs, and working papers that can be downloaded from the section below.

Biofortified crop map: What is available where?

Crop development

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Vitamin A-Biofortified Maize: Exploiting Native Genetic Variation for Nutrient Enrichment

Meike S Andersson, Howarth Bouis, Nelissa Jamora, Michael Major
Crop development

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Invisible Heterogeneity in Crop Zinc Concentration and Child Zinc Intake in Rural Uganda

Leah E. M. Bevis
Crop development

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Farming Practices and Crop Varietal Choice among Ugandan Bean and Sweet Potato Producers

Catherine Larochelle, Ricardo Labarta, Enid Katungi, Caitlin Herrington, Jeff Alwang, Dorene Asare-Marfo, Anna-Marie Ball, and Ekin Birol
Research for Action

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Zinc-Biofortified Wheat: Harnessing Genetic Diversity for Improved Nutritional Quality

Meike S. Andersson, Howarth Bouis, Nelissa Jamora
Crop development

Acceptance and Integration of Biofortified Vitamin A Maize into Common Diets in Northern Zambia

Kelvin Mulungu and Caitlin Herrington

Research for Action

HarvestPlus Crop Calendar


The HarvestPlus Crop Calendar maps the agricultural cycle for select staple food crops in eight countries in Africa and Asia, capturing planting and harvesting seasons across the year.

Crop development

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HarvestPlus Country Briefs

Created 2015 These briefs provide an overview of the nutritious crops we are promoting, how we work, and key partners in target countries.

Democratic Rep of Congo

HarvestPlus Overview

Created 2015 This is a brief overview of our approach to combatting hidden hunger with more nutritious crops through biofortification.


Maize Consumption Patterns and Consumer Preferences in Zambia

Hugo De Groote
Zachary Gitonga
Earnest Kasuta
Dorene Asare-Marfo
Ekin Birol
Research for Action
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