HarvestPlus and its collaborators are generating a substantial body of work in both basic and applied research. Access the extensive library of books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and other research publications from HarvestPlus partners and others.

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HarvestPlus also publishes brochures, abstracts, technical monographs, and working papers that can be downloaded from the section below.

Getting Biofortified Food On Everyone’s Plate: 2019 Annual Report


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Catalyzing Biofortified Food Systems: 2018 Annual Report


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Partnering to Scale Innovation


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Farming Practices and Crop Varietal Choice among Ugandan Bean and Sweet Potato Producers

Catherine Larochelle, Ricardo Labarta, Enid Katungi, Caitlin Herrington, Jeff Alwang, Dorene Asare-Marfo, Anna-Marie Ball, and Ekin Birol
Research for Action

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Driving Impact: HarvestPlus 2016 Annual Report

In 2016, we drove impact globally through our work promoting biofortified crops. Our 2016 annual report highlights some of those impacts, from the cutting-edge research that underpins biofortification to the innovative efforts on the ground that have enabled millions of farmers and consumers to benefit from more nutritious varieties of their favorite crops. 



An Assessment of the Vitamin A Maize Seed Delivery Efforts to Date: Agro-dealer Sales and Farmer Production in Zambia

Michael Tedla Diressie, Esther Zulu, Melinda Smale, Eliab Simpungwe and Ekin Birol
Working Paper
Crop delivery

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Zinc-Biofortified Wheat: Harnessing Genetic Diversity for Improved Nutritional Quality

Meike S. Andersson, Howarth Bouis, Nelissa Jamora
Crop development

Feasibility of a Multiple Biofortified Food Intervention and its Potential Impact in the 1,000 Days Window of Opportunity

Economics and policy

Assessing the Adoption of High-Iron Bean Varieties and Their Impact on Iron Intakes and Other Livelihood Outcomes in Rwanda: Main Survey Report

Dorene Asare-Marfo, et al

Acceptance and Integration of Biofortified Vitamin A Maize into Common Diets in Northern Zambia

Kelvin Mulungu and Caitlin Herrington

Research for Action
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