HarvestPlus at the Micronutrient Forum

HarvestPlus is proud to be an active participant and sponsor of the Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference, which runs in both on-demand and live formats from Wednesday Oct. 28 through Friday Nov. 20. 


The Micronutrient Forum

On-demand content and presentations available to paying registered attendees. 
Monday Nov. 9-13: CONNECTED Forum live sessions available to both paying and non-paying attendees. 

Schedule of Howarth “Howdy” Bouis, chair of the Micronutrient Forum,
founding director of HarvestPlus, and 2016 World Food Prize laureate

Tuesday Nov. 3: 
5-6 am EDT: Connect with the Experts
Topic: Biofortification and agricultural strategies to improve hidden hunger

Monday Nov. 9: 
9-11 am EDT: Micronutrient Forum welcome 
(with Emorn Udomkesmalee, board member of the Micronutrient Forum ) 

Wednesday Nov. 11: 
1:30-3:00 pm: Transforming the food system for nutrition while progressing on the unfinished agenda of nutrition specific actions
Topic: More nutrition in agriculture 

Friday Nov. 13: 
9:30-10:00 am EDT: Conference closing ceremony 

Micronutrient Forum Participation by HarvestPlus Staff  

HarvestPlus Sponsored Sessions (On Demand)

1. A Decade of Delivering Biofortification: Lessons Learned and Pathways to Scale 

  • Welcome and Introduction – Donald Mavindidze, Africa Regional Director, HarvestPlus
  • Scaling Up Biofortification: Catalyzing others to promote biofortified crops and foods – Bho Mudyahoto, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, HarvestPlus
  • Meeting calorie and micronutrients needs of the most vulnerable through promotion of biofortified crops in COVID-19 context, the experience of ENRICH program in Asia and Africa – Asrat Dibaba Tolossa, Chief of Party, ENRICH Program, World Vision Canada
  • Delivering biofortification to the consumer: Strategies to scale zinc rice in Bangladesh – Khairul Bashar, Country Manager, HarvestPlus Bangladesh
  • The role of Government on scaling of biofortified crops in the state of Bihar – Sri Anil Kumar Jha, Deputy Director, Dept. of Agriculture, Government of Bihar 
  • Leveling the playing field for biofortification in agriculture policies and programs  – Diego Arias, Lead Agriculture Economist, World Bank
  • Live Q&A Chat at HarvestPlus Virtual Booth: Time & Date TBD    

2. Biofortification from Discovery to Delivery: A Case Study of Rice for Bangladesh 

  • Session Introduction  – Arun Baral , CEO, HarvestPlus
  • Do we need it? Dietary patterns and micronutrient intakes in Bangladesh  – Joanne Arsenault, Senior Dietary Data Advisor, Intake, FHI Solutions
  • Does it work? Zinc rice bioavailability and efficacy – Rita Wegmuller, Senior Scientist, ETH Zurich and GroundWork
  • Can we deliver it? Delivery strategy and progress for zinc rice in Bangladesh – Khairul Bashar
  • Biofortification from discovery to delivery: A case study of rice for Bangladesh - Introduction of Golden Rice in Bangladesh – Russel F. Reinke, Program Lead, Healthier Rice, IRRI
  • Iron (Fe) and Zinc (Zn) Biofortification in the Elite Rice Cultivars from Genes to Product – Inez H. Slamet-Loedin, Cluster Leader, Trait and Genome Editing, IRRI
  • Q&A Session  – Arun Baral 

3. New Evidence on the Efficacy of Food Fortification and Biofortification 

  • Session Introduction – Erick Boy, Head of Nutrition, HarvestPlus
  • Effectiveness of rice fortification with iron and zinc in Bangladesh – Guishan Ara, Associate Scientist, ICDDRB
  • An efficacy study on alleviating micronutrient deficiencies through a multiple micronutrient fortified salt in children in South India (ID 2529)  – Malavika Vinod Kumar, Managing Trustee, Sundar Serendipity Foundation and Micronutrient Research Foundation
  • Impact and safety evaluation of various modes of delivery of iron supplement among preschool children: an RCT trial in Pemba, Tanzania (ID 3293)  – Usha Dhingra, Senior Scientist, Center for Public Health Kinetics
  • The impact of rice fortified with seven micronutrients fed through an Indian school meal program on hemoglobin and anemia prevalence amongst 6-12 years children (ID 2644) –Danie Shajie A, Technical Specialist, Rice Fortification, PATH India
  • Iron bioavailability from iron-biofortified orange-fleshed sweet potato: a stable iron isotope study in Malawian women (2437) – Roelinda Jongstra, Ph.D. Student, Human Nutrition Laboratory, ETH Zurich.  
  • Q&A Session  – Erick Boy

4.  HarvestPlus Poster Presentations

  • Rapid measurement of total phytic acid in rice grain. – Victor Taleon, Research Fellow, HarvestPlus, P03.12
  • Planning for impact and scale: Using ex-ante Monte Carlo simulation in Bangladesh to assess challenges and identify targets for impact  – Victor Taleon, P16.11
  • Showcase of novel targets for provitamin A improvement in biofortified cassava  – Daniel Alvarez, Research Fellow, HarvestPlus, P03.01
  • Culinary and sensory evaluation of the first zinc-biofortified rice in Latin America – Daniel Alvarez, P09.03
  • Improving response times in analysis of beans for breeding process – Luis Londono, Coordinator, Nutrition Quality Lab, HarvestPlus, P03.05
  • Long-term, Low Dose Zinc Supplementation Improves Multiple Risk Factors for Obesity-related Non-communicable Diseases – Laura Pompano, Research Consultant, HarvestPlus, P10.08
  • On the Radio: The Impact of Promoting Orange Sweet Potatoes by Serial Drama in Uganda  – Michael T. Diressie, Senior Research Analyst, HarvestPlus, P14.24
  • Development of nutrient balance sheets to assess the impact of agricultural productions, trade and the global food system on nutrient availability across countries – Keith Lividini, Head, Strategy and Policy Research, P16.17

5.  HarvestPlus Staff Presenting at Other Sessions

  • Cost-benefit of traditional agriculture for increasing micronutrient supply and biofortification 
    Cost analysis is essential before considering scaling-up micronutrient interventions  – Keith Lividini, Thursday Nov. 12, 10-11:30 AM EST
  • Prevention technology: crop breeding, blockchain, and XRF
    Sponsored Session: Frontier Technologies and their use across the nutrition data value chain, sponsored by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) – Arun Baral , On-Demand
  • Conventional plant breeding to raise mineral and vitamin densities in staple food crops   
    Exploring the intersection of climate/environmental change, food systems, nutrition and health – Wolfgang Pfeiffer, Tuesday Nov. 10, 1:30-3:00 PM EST
  • Where can biofortification be most impactful? - The Biofortification Priority Index (BPI)    
    Deciding what to implement where and when to improve micronutrient nutrition – Michael Tedla Diressie, On-Demand
  • Role of biofortified crops in food systems    
    Sponsored Session: The role of biofortified sweetpotato in tackling nutrition security in marginalized populations, sponsored by International Potato Center  – Lynn Brown, Director of Alliances and Policy, On-Demand



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