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Our People

Representing more than 20 countries, HarvestPlus staff bring many years of experience from both the public and private sectors to address the problem of micronutrient malnutrition. HarvestPlus staff are based at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia, or the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington D.C. Many staff are posted in countries where HarvestPlus has released micronutrient-rich staple crops.

Staff are listed by program area

Executive Office

Beverley Postma
Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Johnson
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Brittany Leoboldt
Chief of Staff

Ina Schonberg
Senior Advisor, Institutional and Humanitarian Affairs


Research & Development

Wolfgang H. Pfeiffer

Meike Andersson
Crop Development Specialist

Moira Angel
Research Analyst

Jairo Arcos
Research Assistant

Erick Boy
Head, Nutrition

Jen Foley
Senior Program Manager

Sonia Gallego
Research Assistant, Post-Harvest

Angelica Jaramillo
Research Assistant, Nutrition Quality Laboratory

Syed Khaleel 
Senior Transport Assistant

Luis Londono
Coordinator, Nutrition Quality Lab

Mourad Moursi
Senior Research Fellow

Juan Camilo Orozco
Deputy Director

Gelver Patiño
Technician, Nutrition Quality Laboratory

V. Pravalika 
Lab Technician

Chelsea Reinberg
Program Coordinator

Victor Taleon
Research Fellow

Joe Tohme
Head, Genomics

Parminder Virk
Head, Crop Development


Market Activation

Khululiwe Dlamini
Agro-enterprise Marketing Specialist

Lister Katsvairo
Head, Africa Region Partnership Countries

Marx Mbunji
Manager, Business Development

Nicholas Mwansa
Seed Systems, Africa

Adewale Oparinde
Research Fellow

Acanda Ubomba-Jaswa
Manager, Market Development

Benjamin Uchitelle-Pierce
Program Analyst, Technical Assistance



Finance & Administration

Arun Baral
Chief Financial Officer

Katrina Boyd
Program Assistant

Christine Flaherty
Budget and Contracts Assistant

Irene Huo
Budget & Contracts Analyst

Christelle Kazadi
Budget & Contracts Assistant

Sarah Manning
Program Assistant

Dahiana Merizalde
Administrative Assistant

Jocelyn (Olyn) Panlilio
Business Manager, Budgets, Contracts & Grants

Juliana Rivas
Budget Coordinator


External Affairs

Anna-Marie Ball

Mariam Akiror
Advocacy Specialist, Africa

Maggie Biruri
Head, Partnerships

Atu Darko
Senior Communications Specialst

Becky McDowell
External Affairs Coordinator

Annette Sheckler
Head, Communications

Jenny Walton
Senior Advisor, Public Private Partnerships

Peg Willingham
Head, Advocacy and Policy


Impact & Strategy

Ekin Birol

Richard Alioma
Senior Research Assistant

Dorene Asare-Marfo
Head, Knowledge Management

Innocent Bikara
Senior Research Assistant

Lida de la Hoz
Information Systems Coordinator

Michael Tedla Diressie
Research Analyst

Jose Funes
Senior GIS Coordinator

Luis Miguel Garcia
Systems Analyst

Caitlin Herrington
Research Analyst

Keith Lividini
Head, Strategy and Policy

Bho Mudyahoto
Head, Monitoring and Evaluation

Luis Felipe Vargas
Systems Analyst


Countries – Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo

Sylvain Bidiaka
Country Manager, Cassava

Elise Mudwanga Bishako
Market & Product Development Specialist

Andrew Kambale Kiwaya
Administrative & Finance Assistant

Antoine Kanyenga Lubobo
Country Manager, Beans

Toussaint Kendenga
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Michèle Kimpwene
Communications Specialist

Papy Mayimona 
Marketing & Sales Officer

Byamungu Mbiye
Seed Systems Specialist

Sandra Mirambo
Administrative Assistant

Ruth Munkiba 
Secretary & Administrative Assistant

Paul Pandi
Finance & Administrative Assistant

Dan Sumbu
Seed System Specialist

Alexis Songolo Wabantu
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Eulalie Mufunguzi Zawadi
Communications Specialist


Paul Ilona
Country Manager

Adedayo Adepitan
Stem Specialist

Lucia Apologun
Accounting & Administrative Officer

Victor Ekeleme
Creative Design and Social Media Officer

John Ikuemonisan
Marketing Officer

Olatundun Kalejaiye
Nutrition & Post-Harvest Specialist

Olutunde Kehinde
Project Support

Ifeoma Okonkwo
Communications Support

Gerald Umeze
Database/Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Oluwasegun Irinoye
Database Officer

Adaobi Okezie-Odoemene
Communications Officer

Fouad Dollah Yusuf
Seed Delivery Specialist


Joseph Mulambu
Country Manager

Celestine Barihamwenayo
Crop Assistant

Robert Gatunge
Stores Assistant

Gideon Irebahose
Accounts Assistant

David Kiiza
Crop Specialist

Simeon Kwitegetse

Pascal Manzi
Research Assistant

Jean Pierre Mbagurire
Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation Officer

Samuel Mugambi
Research Associate: Marketing Supervisor

Josephine Mukakigeri
Research Assistant

Michel Alain Jean Mucugakawa

Viateur Ndayizeye
Lab Technician

Theogene Rukundo
Market Assistant

Maurice Rurangwa
Crop Assistant

Laetitia Umulisa
Communications Officer

Raissa Uwihirwe
Stores Assistant


Sylvia Magezi
Country Manager

Ignatius Abaijuka
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Liliane Adeke
Seed System Officer

Jude Asiimwe
Marketing & Product Development Specialist

Angella Atero
Nutrition Communication & Advocacy Specialist

Laira Kyazike
Nutrition Officer

Cletie Lukusa
Marketing & Product Development Officer

Judith Muduwa
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Charles Musoke
Seed System Specialist

Rachel Wakulira
Finance and Contract Officer


Eliab Simpungwe
Country Manager

Emely Mwale Banda
Communication & Demand Creation Specialist

Julie Chewe
Finance Officer

Susan Chipandwe
Seed System Specialist

Fackson Kaima

Edward Mambwe Chibwe
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Timothy Mwambazi
Research Manager

Barbara Muzumwa 
Administrative Coordinator

David Samazaka
Crop Development Specialist


Charles Mutimaamba
Country Manager

Isabella Nyamhingura
Finance & Administration Officer

Gore Chinyoka
Seed Systems Specialist

Lorence Mjere
Seed Systems Specialist

Countries – Asia


Khairul Bashar
Country Manager

Wahidul Amin
Senior Specialist, Monitoring & Evaluation

Nuhara Begam
Agricultural Research & Development Coordination Officer

Abu Hanifa
Administrative Coordination Officer

Zakiul Hasan
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Jahid Hussain
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Mohammad Saiful Islam
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Tariqul Islam
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Zahedul Islam
Research Technician

Ruhul Amin Mondol
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Abu Sayed Al Muktadir
Assistant Manager - Budget & Finance

Mozibar Rahman
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Tonmoy Kumar Saha
Agricultural Research & Development Officer

Mohammad Abu Saleque
Senior Manager, Project Coordination

Fouad Dollah Yusuf
Seed Delivery Specialist

Mohammad Nurulla
Office Attendant

Manuel Sangma


Binu Cherian
Country Manager, Pearl Millet Delivery

Suja Johnson
Administrative Associate

K. Sai Prasad
Administrative Associate

K. Yadi Reddy 
Office Attendanat

CV Ramesh
Senior Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation


Qadir Baloch
Country Manager, Wheat

Muhammed Iqbal Makhdum
Consultant/Technical Assistant

M. Yaqub Mujahid
Consultant/Crop Development Specialist

Latin America & Caribbean

Marilia Nutti (Embrapa)
Regional Director, Latin America & Caribbean

Luana Casares
Administrative Assistant

Andre Dusi
Seed Systems, Brazil (Embrapa)

Carolina Gonzalez
Deputy Director

Luz Adriana Jimenez
Marketing Analyst

Diana Lopera
Research Assistant

Carlos Andres Rodriguez Aráuz

Byron Reyes
Research Fellow

Rafael Santos Marques da Silva 
Journalism Consultant

Salomón Pérez Suárez
Research Assistant

Elise Talsma
Human Nutritionist

Giomara Vasquez
Research Assistant

Jose-Luis Viana de Carvalho
Deputy Director, Brazil (Embrapa)

María Fernanda Yusty
Administrative Analyst

Christian Zapata 
Communications Analyst