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HarvestPlus and its collaborators are generating a substantial body of work in both basic and applied research. Click here to access the extensive library of books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and other research publications from HarvestPlus partners and others.

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HarvestPlus also publishes brochures, abstracts, technical monographs, and working papers that can be downloaded from the section below.

Prioritizing Countries for Biofortification Interventions Using Country-Level Data

Dorene Asare-Marfo
Ekin Birol
Carolina Gonzalez
Mourad Moursi
Salomon Perez
Jana Schwarz
Manfred Zeller
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Iron and Malaria

Addressing potential risks from food-based approaches to alleviate iron deficiency among children less than two years of age exposed to malaria


Statement on the Potential Benefits of Biofortification on the Nutritional Status of Populations