Wheat is the second most consumed cereal in Asia after rice. In South Asia where micronutrient deficiencies are widespread, this major staple food crop is an ideal candidate for biofortification.

Zinc is involved in more body functions than any other mineral. It is a component of more than 200 enzyme systems and required for normal growth and development and maintenance of body tissues and of the immune system. Zinc, in short, is essential for survival.

Providing zinc through biofortified wheat could improve nutrition for millions of zinc-deficient people in South Asia. Among children, it could help reduce stunting caused by zinc deficiency.

  • In the Media

    Biofortified Wheat Can Improve Zinc Status, Nutriview, June 2010

    Partner CGIAR Center: International Maize and What Improvement Center (CIMMYT) Crop Leader: Kevin Pixley, K.Pixley@cgiar.org