This week, nutritionists from around the globe will be meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss ways that nutrition interventions and policies can be more effective at improving health. The World Nutrition Congress: Knowledge, Practice, Action taking place April 27–30 will bring together over 1,000 practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and students.

HarvestPlus will host a special workshop at the conference—“How the Agriculture Sector Can Improve Nutrition: The Role of Biofortification.” Presenters will lay the groundwork for how developing nutrient-rich crops has been shown to be an effective agriculture intervention for improving nutrition. Examples span the globe from orange sweet potato in Uganda to high-zinc rice in Bangladesh and iron-rich cowpeas in schools in Brazil.

Workshop program:

  • “Reducing micronutrient deficiencies through biofortification—From knowledge to action,” Dr. Fabiana Moura, HarvestPlus
  • “Increasing micronutrient intakes in women and preschool children with iron and zinc biofortified crops: Evidence from a simulated analysis in Mozambique and Thailand,” Dr. Mourad Moursi, HarvestPlus
  • “How vitamin A-rich sweet potato is improving nutrition in Africa: Evidence from Uganda and Mozambique,” Dr. Anna-Marie Ball, HarvestPlus
  • “Biofortification in Brazil: A food basket approach to reducing micronutrient deficiencies,” Dr. Marilia Nutti, Embrapa
  • “A proposal for an intervention trial with crops biofortified with iron, zinc, and provitamin A in the feeding school program in Brazil,” Dr. Raquel Simões Mendes Netto, Universidade Federal do Sergipe

For a summary from the workshop, you can see a stream of live tweets from projetobiofort. Or you can download the PowerPoint presentations.