Representing more than 20 countries, HarvestPlus staff bring many years of experience from both the public and private sectors to address the problem of micronutrient malnutrition. HarvestPlus staff are based at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia or the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington D.C. Many staff are posted in countries where HarvestPlus plans to release micronutrient-rich staple crops. An interdisciplinary Program Management Team (PMT) oversees organizational activities.

Staff are listed by program area

Director’s Office

Howarth Bouis
Director (PMT Member)

Wolfgang H. Pfeiffer
Deputy Director, Operations (PMT Member)

Anne Mackenzie
Standards Advisor

Markus Palenberg
Program Strategy Advisor

Pam Wuichet
Manager, Partnerships and Development (PMT Member)

Jay Papisan
Senior Program Analyst, Partnerships and Development

Amy Saltzman
Technical Writer


Yassir Islam
Head, Communications (PMT Member)

Vidushi Sinha
Senior Communications Specialist

Denis Okello
Communications Specialist

Joslin Isaacson
Communications Specialist

Crop Development

Joe Tohme
Nutritional Genomics Manager (PMT Member)

Parminder Virk
Manager, Crop Development (PMT Member)

Meike Andersson
Crop Development Specialist

Tajinder Bharaj
Asia Consultant

Lida de la Hoz
Information Systems Coordinator

Jorge Mario Quiceno
Administrative Assistant

Crop Delivery

Gene Kahn
Head, Global Market Development

Benjamin Uchitelle-Pierce
Marketing and Development Coordinator


Marx Mbunji
Manager, Africa Region Business Development

Nicholas Mwansa
Maize Seed Systems Specialist, Sub-Saharan Africa (PMT Member)


Khairul Bashar
Country Manager (PMT Member)

Abu Hanifa
Administrative Coordination Officer

Democratic Republic of Congo

Sylvain Bidiaka
Crop Delivery Specialist, Cassava

Antoine Kanyenga Lubobo
Crop Delivery Specialist, Beans

Dan Sumbu
Research Technician

Adrien Bahizire Chifizi
Research Assistant/Dissemination Facilitator

John Mubalama Chibashimba
Stockist and Inventory Control Assistant


Kedar Rai
Director, India Agricultural Research

Binu Cherian
Head, Pearl Millet Delivery

Suja Johnson
Administrative Associate


Paul Ilona
Country Manager (PMT Member)

Adedayo Adepitan
Stem Specialist

Olutunde Kehinde
Project Support

Mary Okocha
Postharvest Consultant


Qadir Baloch
Crop Delivery Specialist, Pakistan – Wheat

M. Yaqub Mujahid
Consultant/Crop Development Specialist


Lister Katsvairo
Country Manager (PMT Member)

David Kiiza
Crop Specialist

Teddy Mukankusi
Administrative Assistant

Jean d’Amour Nkundimana
Research Assistant, Agroenterprise Development

Laetitia Umulisa
Communications Officer

Mireille Uwibanze
Stores Clerk


Anna-Marie Ball
Country Manager (PMT Member)

Sylvia Magezi
Project Coordinator

Ignatius Abaijuka
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Angella Atero
Demand Creation Specialist

Charles Musoke
Seed System Specialist

Godfrey Kalemera Ruhangawebare
Markets and Product Development Specialist

Laira Kyazike
Demand Creation Officer

Liliane Adeke
Seed System Officer

Moses Lule
Marketing and Seed System Officer


Eliab Simpungwe
Country Manager (PMT Member)

Emely Mwale Banda
Communication and Demand Creation Specialist

Raphael Mutale
Seed/Crop Production Specialist

Augustine Mutelekesha
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Susan Chipandwe
Administrative Assistant

Impact and Policy

Ekin Birol
Impact and Policy Manager (PMT Member)

John (Jack) Fiedler
Senior Research Fellow

Dorene Asare-Marfo
Research Analyst

Jose Funes
Research Analyst

Keith Lividini
Senior Research Assistant

Michael Tedla Diressie
Senior Research Assistant

Monica Jain
Associate Research Fellow

Adewale Oparinde
Associate Research Fellow

Latin America and the Caribbean

Marilia Nutti
Manager, Latin America & Caribbean (PMT Member)

Carolina Gonzalez
Agricultural Research Economist

Marlene Rosero Pabon
Communications Assistant

Salomón Pérez Suárez
Research Assistant


Erick Boy
Nutrition Manager (PMT Member)

Fabiana Moura
Research Fellow

Mourad Moursi
Research Fellow

Barbara Ha
Senior Research Assistant

Administration and Finance

Daniela Acevedo Castaneda
Financial Assistant

Brittany Leoboldt
Senior Administrative Coordinator

Luis Fernando Osorio
Grants Financial Officer

Jocelyn (Olyn) Panlilio
Budget, Contracts, and Grants Coordinator

Juliana Rivas
Budget Coordinator

Caroline Eisel
Budget and Contracts Analyst

Sophie Wohlers
Administrative Coordinator