Cassava is a robust crop able to withstand disease, drought and pests. It can grow on poor marginal soils and is thus cultivated and eaten where both poverty and malnutrition is widespread.

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient lacking in the diets of poor malnourished populations. Vitamin A deficiency retards growth, increases risk of disease, and can cause reproductive disorders.

Biofortifying cassava with provitamin A (converted in the body to vitamin A) could significantly improve nutrition and overall health, especially among poorer communities.

In the Media

‘Rambo’ root packs new vitamin A punch, Voice of America, September 2013
Tackling hidden hunger with vit. A cassava, The Guardian Nigeria, September 2013
Nigeria flags off dissemination of provitamin A cassava varieties, Africa Sicence News, July 2013
Nigeria: knotty cassava tubers can change a nation, Think Africa Press, June 2013
4 states to pilot vitamin A fortified cassava stems, Business Day Nigeria, January 2013
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Why Cassava Meals Prevent Blindness, Childhood Infections, Nigerian Tribune, October 2010
Scientists to Release Vitamin-Enriched Cassava,, October 2010
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Other News

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Life of Vitamin A Cassava

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