Children in Mozambique eating orange sweet potato

It has been a remarkable year of accomplishments at HarvestPlus. Dr. Howarth Bouis, the director of HarvestPlus, has spent twenty years working on his dream to develop more nutritious food crops to reduce malnutrition.

In a world where undernourishment kills a child every ten seconds, this one-of-a-kind project aims to alleviate widespread hidden hunger through staple food crops rich in vitamins and minerals.

Releasing micronutrient-rich staple crops such as maize, pearl millet, cassava, and beans in several countries were a few of the significant milestones for HarvestPlus this year.

Bouis says, “We are breaking new ground by releasing these crops, which is creative and exciting, but also brings new challenges.”

Watch the short video below to see what Bouis has to say about accomplishments in 2012 and challenges for the coming year.


HarvestPlus: The Year 2012 in Review

HarvestPlus: The Year 2012 in Review