HarvestPlus Impact Workshop
Participants discuss a research study and implications for crop delivery. (Photo: HarvestPlus)

The HarvestPlus Impact and Policy team recently held a workshop on “Farmer Adoption and Consumer Acceptance of Biofortified Varieties of Staple Crops.” Forty-five participants, including HarvestPlus staff and collaborators from CGIAR centers, universities, and national agricultural research centers, participated.

The workshop featured emerging research on biofortification, consumer preferences, and farmer adoption based on the results of several HarvestPlus projects; ranging from consumer acceptance of orange sweet potato in Uganda to Bangladeshi farmers’ adoption of modern rice varieties. Experts also presented the latest developments in technology adoption and consumer acceptance literatures.

The presentations generated discussions on the methods used to investigate the adoption and consumption of biofortified crops and the future direction of HarvestPlus research. Researchers especially benefited from comments made by HarvestPlus Country Managers, who oversee the distribution of biofortified crops to farmers in target countries. The research presented at the workshop will be used by HarvestPlus Country Managers to more effectively distribute and market biofortified crops.

Remarks made at the workshop’s concluding session were positive and encouraging. HarvestPlus research on consumer acceptance is at the forefront of the literature, using the most advanced methods and resulting in papers that are published in leading journals. HarvestPlus research on technology adoption is still in its infancy but is making use of the most innovative research tools. HarvestPlus could improve its research portfolio by conducting studies on seed systems in target countries, by employing a value-chain approach, and by utilizing qualitative methods to complement the quantitative ones currently used.

The workshop also successfully introduced research teams from different countries to each other, enabling them to exchange notes on their work and build an international network of researchers working on the economics of biofortification. It was beneficial for researchers and country managers to meet face to face and to exchange ideas on how researchers can best help them in the development and delivery of biofortified crops.

The workshop was held at the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, DC on November 8th and 9th.

Click Below to watch a video, filmed at the HarvestPlus Impact Workshop that provides an inside look into some of the questions our researchers are working to answer.

Click here for PowerPoint presentations from the workshop.

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