HarvestPlus is biofortifying seven food crops that can help reduce micronutrient malnutrition (hidden hunger) in Asia and Africa.

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HarvestPlus is developing specific crop and nutrient combinations (products) to deliver micronutrients to malnourished populations in Africa and Asia. AgroSalud coordinates efforts to develop biofortified crops for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Each product consists of a different crop, nutrient, and country combination as shown on the map and in the table below. Expected release dates in target countries are also shown. More than 25 countries primarily in Asia and Africa are expected to benefit from spillover effects following initial release in target countries.

Target Crops, Nutrients, Countries, & Release Dates

Bean Iron DR Congo, Rwanda 2012
Cassava Vitamin A DR Congo, Nigeria 2011
Maize Vitamin A Nigeria, Zambia 2012
Pearl Millet Iron India 2012
Rice Zinc Bangladesh, India 2013
Sweet Potato Vitamin A Mozambique, Uganda 2007
Wheat Zinc India, Pakistan 2013

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